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A crash landing leaves kitai raige and his father cypher stranded on earth, a millennium after events forced humanity's escape. Will smith opened up about the moment his “heart shattered” when jaden smith asked to be legally emancipated at 15 years old after blaming him for the abysmal failure of their movie after earth.

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Will has always tried to force his family into things they didnt want to do and to look like a black all american family and they rebelled

Will smith jaden smith film after earth. Will smith and jaden smith at 'after earth' new york premierethe new york premiere of will smith's new action movie 'after earth' was almost like a reunion for the actor as several old friends. 'and what was worse was that jaden took the hit.' In his upcoming memoir, will smith discussed the criticism his son, jaden smith, received over their 2013 movie, after earth. smith said jaden asked about becoming emancipated and believes he felt betrayed by his father.

He felt misled, and he lost his trust in my leadership. Jaden wanted away from the narcissist after the movie flopped because he felt he disappointed will and didnt even want to do movies. Though panned by critics and the press, after earth reportedly grossed $243.8 million at the box office.

Will smith’s commander cypher is a legendary ursa killer, owing to his ability to become invisible, a “ghost.” jaden’s kitai, on the other hand, must look to the ursa like a porterhouse steak. Kitai raige (jaden smith) is overshadowed by the success of his father cypher (will smith). “earth just gave up on humans,” says jaden smith, who stars as kitai raige, a young man forced to navigate the harsh terrain left behind when his spacecraft crashes on.

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Fans think 'after earth' killed his career. It is a fair strategy considering the fan reaction that is developing for shyamalan after his movies are failing to. Smith discussed the criticism his son, jaden smith, received over the 2013 movie after earth. smith said jaden asked.

Will smith's upcoming memoir, will, is scheduled to debut on november 9. Add to it the theory that “after earth” is littered with scientology. Movies will smith in 'after earth' trailer:

The film was intended to change jaden smith's career, as he was appearing alongside his dad in a potential huge blockbuster, ' after earth '. “we never discussed it, but i know he felt betrayed. Sony pictures kept shyamalan pretty much away from the movie trailers and promotions, pushing after earth as a will smith movie.

“after earth” is set in the 31st century and casts will and jaden as a military general and his son, respectively. Here's the premise for the entire film. With jaden smith, will smith, sophie okonedo, zoë kravitz.

The film had a massive budget of over $130 million, however, not only did it whiff at the box office, but the reviews were worse. Night shyamalan's after earth starring jaden smith, will smith, sophie okonedo, and zoe isabella kravitz. 'heart shattered' when son jaden asked about becoming emancipated.

After earth was also named worst movie of 2013 in poll results released by rifftrax.com. In the upcoming science fiction film after earth, our home planet goes through some serious changes over the next 1,000 years. “and what was worse was that jaden took the hit,” he.

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So it's fitting that the film's stars, actor will smith and his son jaden, would take some time to envision what the future of earth might entail.

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